The Hunger Games (2012)The Hunger Games (2012) Free Movie Downloads

Orignal name :  The Hunger Games (2012)
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 23 March 2012 (USA)
Also Known As: Los juegos del hambre
Filming Locations: USA
Director: Gary Ross
Writers: Gary Ross (screenplay), Suzanne Collins (screenplay)
Stars: Stanley Tucci, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth



The Hunger Games is a 2012 American science fiction exploit film administered by Gary Ross, in light of the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. It is the first portion in The Hunger Games film arrangement.

I will begin off by expression that I didn’t read the books. I’m additionally one of the aforementioned individuals that when I first saw the trailer, I supposed it was a Battle Royale redo. At the time I discovered it wasn’t, I was very amazed, cause they appeared to be very much alike. You cant dependably judge a film by its trailer however. So to be reasonable, I chose to give this film a chance, and not go into it looking at the two.

The motion picture has an astounding moderate begin, and in spite of the fact that they sit down for a bit advancing; I didn’t get the thought that I was getting to know any of the characters. They truly didn’t make a great showing making any of the characters affable, or gave them a chance to advance in any manner. The principle character in this film, Katniss, was as of now depicted as an intense young lady from the exact starting of the film. Nothing in the first part of the motion picture did anything to either advance this, or add to it.

The point when the recreations at long last begin, I was slightly animated, on the grounds that I was anticipating some activity at last. Shockingly for me; the activity was needing a considerable amount. Unstable Polaroid function, which I figure is intended to be aesthetic nowadays, left a mess of the killing to your creative ability. Because of absence of character constructing at the outset of the film, I didn’t truly mind who bit the dust, reason I didn’t feel any association with any of the characters. On top of that; numerous scenes from the genuine diversions appear to be needing dept, excuse for why or intelligence. It was as though they tried for an excessive amount of scenes in too small time. This came about into the entire story of the film being slightly smear to me, and left me doubting that there was even one there.

On a positive note; the acting was truly Ok. Jennifer Lawrence depicted her part well, and her acting had nothing to do with me not having the ability to identify with her character. Elizabeth Banks was mind blowing, as a character that right away appears to be completely lost in this planet, yet completely works in the way its depicted.

With everything taken into account, I’ll must be reasonable and say I don’t exactly get the buildup. The film appeared to be needing in an excessive amount of regions, in place for me to stay intrigued all through the whole more than two hours. Not contrasting this film with Battle Royale while viewing it was made truly simple, basically on the grounds that this wasn’t near being as great. A missed chance for an intriguing topic like this!


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