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Original Name:Girl Fight 2011
Genre: Uncategorized
Language: English
IMDB Rating: 6.4
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Motion picture Summary:

Haley Macklin (Jodelle Ferland) is a 16 year old girl.She feels like an outcast as she skipped a grade.She is extremely smart understudy that is the reason the remaining understudies feel envious of her.So neither man nor woman converse with her much, therefore she remarks negative on the gathering of ubiquitous girls.Then Alexa Simons (Tess Atkins) goes in her existence and both of them come to be great friends.She encouraged the Haley to become a close acquaintence with other prominent young ladies in the school.As the story advances contrasts begins again between the young ladies and Haley,leading to a stunning end.This destination is made simply to download films free of charge connected in full length and best value.


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